Tri-color Idli is made without artificial food coloring, Spinach / Palak puree and grated carrot are used for coloring. This is not only colorful, its also rich in protein and nutrition. Healthy breakfast to start your day.

  • Finely grated carrot – as required
  • Raw spinach pureed – as required
  • Idli batter usual one with salt – as required
  1. Prepare small batch of Green batter – Green batter is just a mix of raw spinach puree and white batter.
  2. Grate a Carrot and keep it aside.
  3. Put small balls of grated carrot in Idly mould. Cover it with white idli batter, leaving some space for green batter. Cover this with green batter.
  4. Steam it as usual we do for regular idly.