A party remains incomplete without a perfect sweet treat, which is generally soft and a beautifully decorated cake.

Homemade cakes at times look less perfect, because of some minor mistakes we make during the preparation process. Therefore, first thing to do in order to get a yummy treat is to bake a better cake, which is possible by choosing the best cake mix, or by picking up the right ingredients, is thorough mixing and perfect baking.

Once your cake is baked, remove it gently and then start decorating it only after completely cooling it.

Decorating a Perfectly Baked Cake:

A special celebration deserves a special cake. Therefore decorating a cake becomes a major prerequisite. To start with, look up for the following.

1-Levelling the Cake:

Even before decorating your cake, level your cake to get a more professional look. Place the cake on a cake stand and slowly rotate it. Using a cake leveler or a serrated knife, remove the crown and even the cake. Cut it into slices and layer some sugar syrup and icing cream to get the look.

2-Icing a Cake:

Real fun in making a cake comes into picture only with a perfect cake icing. Icing on the cake can be done by fondant icing, butter cream icing, royal icing, crumb coatings etc. The ingredients for a general icing mix include icing sugar, water, flavouring essence, and desired food colour.

3-Prepare A Consistent Icing Mix:

To prepare a perfect spreading on your cake, spoon some icing sugar and add some water in a proper ratio (i.e. 3 to 4 spoons of sugar and one spoon of hot water). Icing can be stiff (used for floral decorations and string works), medium (for borders) or thin (for writings, vines and leaf decorations). Now if you wish to have a white icing leave it so, else add few drops of your desired food colour. In general the food colour can be chosen based on the theme of celebration. If you are satisfied with the consistency, add some essence, refrigerate it and then work with it.

4-Decorating Bags and Nozzles:

Decorating bags like the featherweight, disposable and parchment bags are available each with a particular size specification. Decorating nozzles are fitted to these bags using joints called couplers. Tips/nozzles are small metal cones that can produce your choice of icing designs. These can be round, leaf like, flower drops, star and even multiple opening tips. A bag filled with icing and a tip positioned at an angle can produce beautiful cake decorations perfect for any celebration.

Finally share your perfectly textured soft, well decorated cake with your loved ones to cherish the warmth of your celebration.