This is my newly found way of incorporating sprouts for my family. I wanted to infuse proteins for our breakfast and this is a viola recipe!

  • Green gram sprouts: 1 fistful ( You can make them at home instead of buying in stores)
  • Onion – 1 spoon
  • cabbage or lettuce fresh – 2 -3 generous spoons
  • Redchilli powder – 1/4 tspoon
  • Jeera powder or Jeera – 1/4 spoon
  • Lemon juice- as required
  • Salt – As required
  1. Drizzle a drop of oil in a pan.
  2. If using Jeera, make a tadka and add onion. Sauté till its transparent and add redchilli powder, salt and chat masala powder to it.
  3. Switch off the stove and add sprouts. ( If we keep frying sprouts with heat on, the sprouts become hard and rubbery.)
  4. Add lettuce or cabbage generously and squeeze in lemon juice for that tangy taste.
  5. In a tawa or sandwich maker, make the sandwich by stuffing the sprouts mix.