Here are some exam foods that will help your child to overcome exam stress and keep up her energy.

1. Fruits

When the body is stressed it releases excessive free radicals. Vitamin C is the nutrient that keeps this at check and keeps the body healthy. So including citrus fruits like oranges, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, pineapples and lemons, help reduce the exam stress.

Dried apricots reduce stress too. They are high in magnesium which normalizes the heart palpitations that tend to increase when the body is stressed.

2. Vegetables

The Vitamin A in spinach reduces the eye strain that happens due to extra hours of study before the exams.

Broccoli and kale, rich in potassium and vitamins, are also good ‘exam food’ as they too help to keep the nerves calm.

Sweet potatoes provide stress relief too. It has the right mix of the essential carbohydrates and sweetness that the body craves for at this time.

3. Cereals

Good ‘exam food’ are cereals, like oats, brown rice, and brown bread, which have a low glycemic index that help to maintain a high energy level, and alertness that is required during this period. They also contain Vitamin B, which keep the blood sugar in check thus keeping the body calm.

4. Soya

Soya based food like soya milk, tofu etc are high in vitamins, magnesium and calcium. All these keep the nerves calm and provide stress relief.

5. Eggs

 Egg yolks contain choline that helps to improve the memory.

6. Fish

 Fish are rich in omega-3-fatty acids, which improve the brain’s functions and also acts as a mood enhancer, both of which are needed to reduce stress.

7. Dark Chocolate

 Chocolates, that have over 80% of cacao content, are good to reduce exam stress. Cacao is high in favnoids that keeps the blood pressure at check. However, dark chocolate also has some caffeine content in it which can work adversely for the body. So, only limited quantities should be consumed.