Exams are approaching and with all the studying and cramming and trying to cover the portion, there may come a time when you might get completely drained out.

Try out these tips to keep those exam blues at bay.

Divide and Rule

An exam timetable is given quite well in advance. Once in hand, divide your days and daily time keeping in mind your strong subjects, which can covered quickly, and the tough ones, which will require more time and also a few buffer days in case of some unseen events.

This way, you won’t end up trying to stuff everything at the last minute. Instead, you will be organised which will result in you being well prepared and relaxed by the time the exam approaches. But, keep room for a little flexibility in your time table since sometimes, things may not go as planned.

Make Your Breaks Count

Ensure that you take regular short breaks between studying. Not only will this freshen you up, but it will also make you return to your studies with renewed gusto. However, use your breaks wisely.

If you are rejuvenated with a power nap then feel free to catch a shuteye for those 15 minutes. But, if power naps leave you drowsy and unfocussed, then it’s better to avoid them. Your breaks should give you that boost of energy, not sap you of it.