Christmas time brings about loads of enthusiasm and happiness in people of all age groups. As a child we look out for Santa coming on his reindeer to shower his gifts, feed on the tasty Christmas cookies and treats and enjoy the lovely Christmas Carols.

As we grow up we get ourselves busy in decorating our homes and arranging feasts in order to celebrate the birth of baby Christ child with brimming excitement and bliss.

But if you are bound to extremely frantic lifestyle, which leaves you with very little time before the big day, here are few tips that might come to your aid to add the festive spirit to your homes.

Decorate Every Inch

Simple decoration brings in the lovely festive feel. To start with outdoors, decorate your front door using a special wreath and bells, and the entryway with vines and ribbons. Fill few containers with pinecones and some ornaments and place them on either sides of the front door.

Show up your walk way by lining it with lanterns and candles on metal pails. Twine the pillars with lights, ribbons and garlands.  

Ribbons and Greens

Use the bows for your indoor home décor. They are easy to make and are pretty attractive. Consider using the righteous ribbon colours that can go together with your home interior. Decorate your windows and doors with greens and lovely little floral patches. Use small flowers like peonies, Poinsettias and Orchids in your vases and place them in every corner of your house.

Hang Wreaths

Place a festive wreath made of grapevine, pine, holly, berries, etc and decorate them with candies, birds and other ornaments to almost every door. Place them on the windows and do not neglect your back doors.


Use the candles with pleasant aroma to fill in with the festive fragrance. Use colourful candles, add some trinkets, tie ribbons and tags around them and simply place them in every part of your house.

The Tree

Place a Christmas tree, a real one that is generally a conifer or at least an artificial one. Complete it by decorating it by adding snow, tying bows, hanging bells, ornaments, doves, angels, candies, birds, beads and shiny bright baubles. Do not forget to place your tree topper a pole star crowning the angel.

The Feast Table

Set a beautiful Christmas table that can invite any one for a fabulous mouthwatering meal. Use festive tableware from your cupboard, place lovely centerpieces with fine floral arrangements and brighten up the set up using candles.

To add more to the scene add some colourful edible baubles, lollies and candies in a glass bowl. Prepare and place your yummy dishes and begin your feast.

Miscellaneous Decor

Some Thing Sweet

Make sure to hold a sweet around. Prepare a special wreath with flavored candies, bake some cookies in advance, have some gingerbreads and cakes along with the traditional candy choices to be ever ready for your guests.

Some Thing Soft

Turn on your stereo devices for pleasant and pleasingly soft Christmas music. Feel and enjoy the melodious sounds from your hanged bells.

Some Thing Special

Snow fall and Christmas go hand in hand. So do sprinkle some artificial snow on your table tops, corner vases and indoor greens. Light your Christmas tree every evening, send gifts and cards to family and friends and capture every lively moment to make it a memory.

Have fun with your family and friends in this festive season using these tips.