Lord Ayyappan, the presiding supreme deity of Sabari Hills is worshipped by millions of devotees. He is believed to be the child born out of the union of Mohini and Lord Shiva to be placed under the care of Lord Shiva’s childless devotee – King Rajashekara.

Sabarimalai is the popular Hindu shrine where Lord Ayyappan is believed to have meditated after slaying the demoness – Mahishi. The temple attracts millions of devotees across the world. The main pilgrimage season begins in the month of November and ends with Makaravilakku in January.

Devotees visiting the shrine observe strict customs before embarking on the journey. Lord Ayyappan songs, mantras and shlokas reverberate everywhere during the season.

Mantras and Shlokas have specific powers which helps to bring the devotee a step closer to the Lord. Each mantra and shloka is sacred that conveys a directive into our sub-counsciousness. Use the mantras to heal the heart & mind and to enter a state of greater awareness.

Here is a compilation of Ayyappan Swamy Shlokas & Mantras to offer prayers to the Lord.