Significance of Akshaya Tritiya

Thruthiyai is the third day after the New Moon.
Akshayam means “ growth”.

In the tamil month of Chithirai, the thruthiyai which falls in the Shukla Paksham (valar pirai) is called Akshaya Thruthiyai/Tritiya. 

Thrythiyai occurs ever month, but the one in Chithirai is celebrated specially. On every thruthiyai, Chandra darisanam is considered auspicious.

 The legends associated with Akshaya Thruthiyai are thus:

  • Kuchela, the poor friend Of Krishna went to see Krishna with some aval (poha) tied in his upper cloth. Kannan welcomed Kuchela happily and putting a handful of poha in his mouth uttered the word “Akshayam”. At once, the humble abode of Kuchela became a palace & he became a very prosperous man.
  • Another legend is that Parasurama, the sixth avatara of Vishnu was born on this day.

What to do on this Auspicious Day?

  • Many people offer tharpanams to forefathers on this day. This is done to incur their blessings.
  • It is very good to worship, Shiva Parvathi, Shriman Narayanan, Sri Lakhmi Devi on this day.
  • Lakshmi is supposed to have chosen this day to worship Lord Kubera on this day, to be blessed with Kubera Sampath.
  • Krutha Yuga is said on have started this day. Just like a yuga lasts for millions of years, any action done on this day is supposed to yield benefits, multifold times.
  • Any new venture started on this day will last long and well. So this day is supposed to be auspicious for registering a business deal, buy a new property, open new accounts and last but not least to buy new clothes, jewellery etc.
  • It does not end there, it is the most ideal day to do charity, help the physically challenged, do financial helps for higher studies for needy, deserving people as well.
  • It is said that giving curd rice to others improves longevity of life.
  • Distribution of sweets, helps to get over the obstacles in getting married.
  • Distribution of grains and cereals, prevents accidents and untimely death.
  • By giving cattle feed, prosperity will increase.

So, let us do good deeds on this auspicious day and pray for good things in life.