Having blogged a lot about fashion, I have narrowed down to why and how you should opt for either comfort or style, when it comes to dressing up for daily office. This is a difficult choice to be made, considering the growing pressure to look presentable and good in a workplace, and still maintain to be in your comfort zone.

Remember ladies, the moment you feel overburdened with the thought of what clothes to wear to office, it just simply means you are at the crossroads of making this choice between comfort or style? Let me help you make the choice.

I would like you to answer some questions for me. For one, are you working in the banking sector, financial institution, a MNC or are you working in an NGO, school, or a media agency? This is a crucial question, as the professional ambiance and expectations from employees of these two factions are quite different from the other.

Working at banking sector, financial institutions, or MNCs require impeccable turnout, as the genre of work and section of professionals is entirely different, from those working elsewhere.

Working at NGOs, schools, or media agencies, or anyplace else, often means you can be a little relaxed in your choice of fashion, as people are expected to be immersed in creativity and companies make sure that the employees get their space and freedom to explore and reach their real potential in their field. This categorisation will help you make the tough choice between style and comfort.

Are you super ambitious? If your answer is yes, then I would recommend you create for yourself a niche classic professional look at work. Dressing up to perfection is what will create your image in the corporate ladder of success.  If you are not very ambitious, then go for the simple Indian look with a simple embroidered kurti and Patiala pants.

Another aspect that can help you decide between the two could be deciding your threshold of discomfort. You need to analyse your upper limit for tolerating something that looks good on your body, but doesn’t offer much comfort. Let me give you a simple example. Most women like high heeled shoes, but not all can tolerate the pain that goes with wearing one, unless you are a regular wearer. This is what I mean by recognising and gauging your pain threshold. This same principle can be applied to clothes and accessories as well. Wearing skirt or trouser suits can be very uncomfortable in tropical weather, but it will depend on how much you are willing to accept discomfort, in order to look impeccable in style.

These are just few random parameters by which you can choose either style or comfort. Think hard on these questions, and you will find your answer. Creating a fusion of style and comfort at work is not that difficult, we just have to use a little bit of our time, and our common sense.