Summer’s here, and the heat is definitely on! While the summer sun is a welcome break from the cold, dark winters, it brings along a ton of hair woes. This means taking extra special care of your tresses, so you look your best even when the temperatures are hitting the roof!

Here’s a rundown on some of the most common problems we women face in summers, and also how to keep them at bay:

Frizzy Hair

Oh the agony! Frizzy hair can ruin a perfectly good day and with the heat and humidity rising, it can be a pain to deal with.

First of all, go easy on hair drying and curling irons. These are bad for hair, as they suck out the moisture from the hair, much like the sun itself, making it more unruly than before.

A simpler solution is to oil your hair regularly, at least twice a week with a light oil such as jojoba or tender coconut.

Post shampooing, do apply a coin sized amount of anti-frizz serum on damp hair, especially at the ends. Use a wide toothed comb to spread it evenly, and you’re all set to go!

Flat and Lifeless Hair

Women with straight and fine hair often find their locks turn flat and lifeless in summers. That’s because the moisture in humid areas can settle on to the hair and weigh it down.

To give your hair more body, use a shampoo specially made for adding volume to your hair, preferably gel based. You can also apply an anti-humidity hair spray after your wash.

Also make sure you use a protein rich shampoo and conditioner to add life to limp hair.

Faded Hair Colour

For those of us who colour our hair, the summer sun can be ruthless as too much exposure can cause the colour to fade and look drab. Want a quick fix? Apply a UV hairspray or serum all over the hair, especially the ends, before you head out.

An easier solution, of course, is to wear a wide brimmed hat – protect your hair while looking classy!

Greasy Hair

Women with oily hair have a hard time dealing with their tresses in summers as the sweat and grime just makes it worse.

Wash hair only twice a week and do not scrub as it causes the scalp to secrete more oil.

Use a light conditioner and apply only on the ends.

Finally use a hairspray before heading out as it gives shine without weighing down your hair.

Haircut and Styles

Summer is all about style, so it’s also a good time to get a haircut. If short is your style, you really have little to worry about. For longer hair, it’s a good idea to loosely tie it with a scarf, or make a stylish chignon or bun to keep it from sticking to your neck.

Of course, it is advisable to avoid sun exposure but if you have to go out, it’s best to carry an umbrella or a hat at all times. There are plenty of them in funky colours available, so go crazy!