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Pregnancy Related Skin Problems and Their Natural Remedies

Your skin is looking remarkably vibrant, and you are glowing. These are the compliments you get when you are pregnant. Yes you are happy; you will be a mom soon.   Along with the happiness and the pride of becoming a mom there are also other problems which you face during the nine months of pregnancy phase. Problems like morning sickness, swelling of the feet, giddiness, and pregnancy weight gain, are some of the problems which occur during the pregnancy phase. Know all about it in the Top 15 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy.   Yes, you can have issues with...

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Tips on Taking Care of Dark Lips

If you feel bad thinking that your lips are no longer rosy, but are dark and cracked, its time you do something about it. First identify the reason behind darkening of your lips. Lips are dark or may get darkened mostly due to two reasons. One, you may have genetically dark lips. The second reason for the darkening of the lips is environmental. Smoking leads to darkening of the lips, as do frequent intake of tea and coffee, as well as long term use of certain lipsticks and cosmetics. Identify the reason now, before its get too late. If...

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Simple Care for Dry Skin

If you generally feel that the skin in your face is tight or flaky then your facial skin must be dry. Dry skin is more of an issue in winter or in colder temperatures than summer. Other factors that can cause your skin to go dry are dry air from the air conditioners at home or work; exposure to hot water, like a hot shower; use of certain soaps that take out moisture out of your skin; abrasive sponges, scrubs, or even abrasive clothing; and certain medications. If you have dry skin, try taking a shower with tepid, instead...

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Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

Oily skin superficially seems to be a disaster, as no makeup stays on your skin for long, and it breaks out into acne at the drop of a hat. But you are blessed if you have oily skin, as the appearance and development of wrinkles are much lesser, and happens much later as well, compared to other types of skin. This type of skin is characterized by hyper secretion of oil from the oil glands, compared to other types of skin. This often results in a number of skin problems, such as rashes, and acne. But it’s possible to...

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Comfort versus Style in Office Wear

Having blogged a lot about fashion, I have narrowed down to why and how you should opt for either comfort or style, when it comes to dressing up for daily office. This is a difficult choice to be made, considering the growing pressure to look presentable and good in a workplace, and still maintain to be in your comfort zone. Remember ladies, the moment you feel overburdened with the thought of what clothes to wear to office, it just simply means you are at the crossroads of making this choice between comfort or style? Let me help you make...

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