Rain, Rain, go away, come again, another day… Yes, the weatherman is forecasting heavy rainfall at least for the next couple of months.

Nevertheless, don’t let monsoon dampen your fashion sense. Do you wonder what to wear during the monsoons?

Choosing the right wear may get tricky during this season, but with a little creativity, you can look trendy and fashionable. Here are few dressing tips to keep you looking bright and warm even in monsoon!

Dress Up

Brighten any damp day with warm colors and prints. Monsoon calls for dressing up in casuals than in formals. A full-length dress in the rains can be a spoil-sport leaving all the muck and dirt on the clothes. Knee-length pants,Capris or leggings combined with a comfortable top are some great options.

Avoid jeans, chiffon, crepe, denims, suede and focus on wearing materials/fabrics that dry easily – nylon, cotton, Lycra and other mixed fabrics. Bring in some cheer to your wardrobe with neon, yellow, fuchsia, green and other warm colors.

Avoid white, grey, light pink, red and purple. For an ethnic look, contrast Kurtis with churidhars or leggings to look elegant and attractive.

Red Kurta           Black Patiala                     Pink Top

Colorful Accessories

Complement your dress and appearance with the right accessories. Water-proof bags, raincoat, umbrellas and light plastic jewellery will complete your monsoon fashion statement. Choose water-proof bags that are chic in color. Avoid carrying cloth or jute bags in the monsoon season.

Check out the new range of colorful fancy umbrellas instead of the mundane black ones. If carrying an umbrella seems to daunt you, then get a bright-colored raincoat that will save you from dirt and rain.

Light jewellery will complete the ensemble to enhance your looks. Save metallic jewellery for other seasons as these tend to tarnish during this time of the year.



Though fashion gurus recommend flip flops, it is best to avoid them since it can splash water over your clothes. Go for waterproof shoes with a pair quality socks that will keep your feet dry. Sandals, bellies, floaters will add color to your casual clothing. If possible, get rain boots as they will let you wade through puddles without cringing. Do also check if the footwear you buy is anti-slip to prevent nasty falls.


Keep makeup simple and light with water-resistant moisturizer, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, lipstick and loose powder. Prevent the oily look on your face with matte-finish makeup.  It also avoids the risk of smudges and being washed out.

Stay away from cream-based foundations, blush shimmers and too much of Kajal or mascara. Keep your skin clean with the use of an astringent and toner. Exfoliate your skin with a herbal or natural face-scrub such as oatmeal or papaya pulp to keep your skin glowing.



Be vibrant and fashionable with the right dressing sense this monsoon. Focusing on simple factors such as materials, colors and accessories that will keep your spirits high even in the most damp climate!