Are you the one who loves to wear silver jewellery but avoids it, in the fear that it will get spoiled if worn? If yes, then we are in the same boat.

I just love silver jewellery but never dared to take it out of the locker in fear of it turning black. But then someone enlightened me about how we can store and clean our silver pieces and prevent it from tarnishing. After that, I am not afraid to wear my silver jewellery anymore. In fact you will be really surprised to know how easy it is to store and clean your silver.

Silver is a precious metal and is crafted to last long term. But for it to last a lifetime you really need to take proper care of it, otherwise it tends to tarnish.

Silver is a soft metal. So it has a tendency to go out of shape. Sterling silver is stronger. With the gold and silver prices going through the roof, we really cannot afford to not take care of the jewellery we already have. The good news is if we take proper care of the metal, then with time it becomes shinier.

Storing Your Silver:

You must store your silver jewellery in a dry and clean case, away from sunlight and humidity, which cause it to tarnish. You need to separate each piece of jewellery so that they do not scratch each other. The best way is to store it in separate air tight plastic bags, wrapped in soft tissue. You must keep an anti-tarnish strip in the box where you are storing your silver.

Cleaning Your Silver:

You must keep your eyes open for the first signs of tarnish. The alarm should go off when you see a yellowish brown tint. Later this will become black and difficult to remove.

There are a variety of ultrasonic cleansers available in the market by which you can get your silver cleaned at home. If you are not keen on investing in these machines then the best way to clean them is with the help of a mild soap and water solution. You must use a soft polishing cloth to wipe the jewellery.

Never use paper as it may damage the pieces. You can buy silver cleaning cloth in the market. These have special anti tarnish ingredients.

Another way of cleaning silver jewellery is with the help of luke warm water, baking soda and aluminium foil. You will have to place the foil on a glass dish containing the above mentioned solution and put your silver on the foil. After some time take it out and wipe it with a soft polishing cloth. The easiest way to clean silver is with toothpaste. But you must keep in mind that brush will have to be really soft.

Here are a few helpful tips on how you can preserve your precious silver accessories:

  • Always wear your jewellery after your make up is done. Hair sprays, deodorants, perfumes contain chemicals that may damage the silver and discolour it.
  • Every time you wear your silver, you need to wipe it with a polishing cloth before and after wearing it in order to remove oil and salts.
  • Never ever swim with your silver accessories on. The chlorine in the water is sure to tarnish it.
  • Wooden surfaces contain acids that affect the metal. This means you cannot store it in cardboard boxes. You must not keep it on the wooden table for long either.
  • You must never ever wear silver jewellery while cooking or cleaning. Chlorine and other related chemicals can tarnish the jewellery beyond repair.
  • Clean your silver often in order to preserve its lustre.

Like other precious metals, silver too needs special care. If you want it to dazzle on a special occasion, you really have to take great care of it. It is not too difficult to do so. And whatever time and effort you put in to preserve the metal, it will be worth it at the end of the day.