Communication is one of the important pillars for a strong marriage.

However, once the child comes, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to spend quality time as a a couple.

Yet you should try and take out those moments from your daily routine when you are with your spouse and there is no one to disturb you.

Here are three important benefits of spending couple time in a relationship.

No Loneliness

If you do not nurture love towards your spouse you will slowly begin to lose connection with your spouse. Thus feelings of loneliness, despair and depression may result. With couple time, you communicate with each other, barriers go down, and these feelings too will disappear.

Helps Children

If your relationship suffers, your children suffer too. Children are very receptive to your moods, and when you are unhappy, they sense the change in your behaviour. As children watch and learn, they will imbibe all your qualities, whether desirable or not. So as parents if you wish to have a sense of balance in the family, then spend some time with each other.

Understand Expectations

When you spend time with each other, you realise the expectations and dreams of your other half. Understanding each other better thus revives your friendship in the marriage too. When you work as a team, then there are less chances of becoming unhappy in a marriage.

Finding Time

So how do find the couple time for each other?

Put Baby to Bed

Couples with a baby can spend quality time in their relationship. If you have small kids at home then put them to bed early. And do something together like cooking a meal, having a candle light dinner, watching a movie etc. Think of the things that interest you, and do them together.

Baby Sitter

If you can schedule a baby sitter for some time, then you can take some time out to be together. Going for a walk, heading to a different place, movie, plays, dinner or any activity which both you and your partner enjoy doing, can be scheduled during your couple date.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities like trekking, cycling, jogging and sports activities like tennis can also be pursued. Such activities foster better relationships and even your child can be a part of it.

Romance for couples need not be going to exotic destinations and spending time on holidays. It need not be expensive either, though couples new in the relationship may not agree. Couple time simply means spending some time together, to bring the romance back in your marriage.