All of us wish to make our kids feel special and it is possible by giving them their personal space. If you are amidst of a thought of giving them a room in the house, then make it more special by an additional touch through painting a themed mural on their walls. 

Painting on your kid’s bedroom wall can often be an interesting and a challenging task. If you are a bit creative then, wake up the artist in you by giving your imaginations life.


In order to paint a mural all you need are:

  • Some paints, the acrylic ones
  • Brushes both small and large ones and also some sponge brushes
  • Plate in order to mix and match your paints
  • Ladder or a chair to reach heights
  • Wet cloth or sponge to erase if necessary.

Decide Your Theme:

Wide ranges of themed mural options are available to paint on your child’s bedroom wall. Sky is the limit to your imagination, which can range from a dream world to zombie land. So firstly decide upon what to do by making a rough sketch.

Always remember to use things that your child fancies so as to make them feel delightful about their room. You can choose upon different theme options such as:   

Jungle theme:

A mural that covers wide range of wild animals and bushy trees. To add more place a green carpet in the room similar to the forest grass and add few stuffed toys to create a better scene.

Ocean theme:

A beach scene with waves and tides can often add pleasant feel to any room. Also try setting up a coral reef or mossy green rock around. To include more, plan some thing lovely by adding mermaids, little fishes or even a pirate ship.