Am I good manager? You bet I am.

Am I a good manager? Am I the link between the management and my team members? Do I lead a cohesive team, one which meets deadlines, looks up to me, has up to date skill sets?

A team can be all that and more. Team members can have skill sets which do them credit, find their managers approachable and be ready to do more. Does it sound like the wish list that we have as managers? Yes? Sounds difficult or undoable? No worries, it is manageable.

Manager, a Friend, a Guide and a Philosopher

  • Understand:

As managers, we need to understand that our team members are people with different capabilities, outlooks and are maybe at different stages of their careers. We need to give them the opportunities to develop and hone their skill sets. And, acquire new ones. This is very important for their professional development. Help with the work, training and opportunities to learn for the development of your team.

  • Give Feedback:

Regular feedback on their work and behaviour is the key and helps them perform better as a team or singly. Feedback helps people understand where they need to pull up their socks and when they are performing well. A positive feedback goes a long way.  

  • Learn to Delegate:

You must ensure to assess the strengths and weakness of each of your team members and work on making the best of it.

Delegate work to each team member according to their skill sets & interests as per your assessment of their capabilities. Three most important rules to remember – delegate, delegate, delegate. And, know what you are asking them to do. Or make it your job to learn yourself.

  • Motivate:

As a manager, you should be able to motivate your team. Incentivise, stand up for them when they need you, be approachable, listen to them, give feedback, be positive, and acknowledge good work done.