Wedding planning is fast becoming a lucrative profession; and you can work from your home too.

Let’s go through each and every process to know more about this career and its prospects.

The requirements

You need certain assets like

  • A computer with an efficient high speed internet connection for attending online courses and also for dealing with the clients.
  • A printer for printing out the essential plans.


  • A cell phone
  • A Fax machine and a scanner
  • Lots of interest and enthusiasm to work in the demanding business.

Training Required For the Job

There are many courses and programs offered by several colleges all over the world. There are several Indian and international institutes that offer these courses. Normally aspirants choose a one- year certificate course in Wedding Planning. Institutions in India that offer these kinds of programs and also other programs include:

  • Eventwala Academy in Pune offers Wedding planning certificate.
  • The Tania-Tapel Wedding Planner Training Academy in Mumbai.
  • MAPP in New Delhi

There are many colleges that also provide a completely different approach through online courses and programs which is parallel to the traditional classroom methods. There are several international institutions that also are into e-learning. Here is a list:

  • Stratford Career Institute
  • California State University
  • California Polytechnic state university
  • University extended education
  • Weddings Beautiful Malaysia and Singapore
  • Gatlin Education services