Editor’s Note: Small, mundane and everyday things that we see around us always can also be turned into beautiful poetry. Simple words, when put together from the heart can become beautiful. Our member rgsrinivasan shares with us how the sun, shade and the moon is like relationships. You can too. Write in to us here.

I’ve started getting acquainted with it, very early. I don’t exactly remember when and like all lasting relationships, the starting really doesn’t matter at all. Now I look above and try to get back to my earliest of memories. Perhaps it’s a funny thing. Each memory is like a passing cloud that makes you to focus on it for a few minutes before leaving you, in trance and fully drenched with the emotions associated with it. Some of them are so powerful and etched so deep in you that they keep coming again and again in different forms, through different events that happen around you, almost always linking them to the point that is frozen within you. Sometimes I just feel that life is all about making impressions a few and living and reliving in them till the end.

As I see it again, I just wonder how it keeps forever changing. At times its so clear and for a moment or two, you feel like its a gigantic screen in so lovely a colour that you yearn to be fixed to it like a speck in the globe, a moth in the light source and of course, a drop in the ocean. I saw them floating then, coming from nowhere to my gaze and they all seemed like little children running all along, trying to catch one another. Just like children making faces like animals and other elders, they played, fused together and went away too, bringing it back to what it was before. It was getting hotter and the shadow that was upon me, wanted to leave. I was sweating, and my body was complaining yet, didn’t have a heart to leave. I relaxed a bit more and tried to see it with my eyes closed, for the simple reason that the sun was then above me, lighting it up all along. It looked so lovely though a bit paler, just like someone who is back to good health after a bout of illness and shedding some weight as a result. For a moment it even seemed to smile at me. I smiled back.

When I came back after a long gap and rested, the shade was back, but the floor was very hot, making me to complain a bit. I looked above and saw a flurry of activity there. The sun seemed to go to the other side faster to meet his family and fulfill the promise he made and in a frenzy, he hurried, lighting up all those things and even the screen itself to a beautiful shade of reddish orange and I just couldn’t take my eyes out of it then. This is the same colour that I see always when I close my eyes anytime. And it seemed like the sun had just released a lot of energy just then, like the kids who have a never ending supply of it or the old one who is doing it on purpose, trying to accomplish something before time runs out. I sat there transfixed, seeing the gloom return to my mind too.

The moon was there alright, but was not visible till then, due to the radiance of the sun. This is similar to our ignoring small things however important and trying to go after what we think as the obvious. I saw it getting a duller shade ash and gradually getting darker. Somehow, I felt like a weight being removed from me. And then it came. the first, the loner and the best of all, without any glamour. Then came another one. Soon it seemed to be full of those tiny fireflies emitting various little streaks of light, blue ones more in number. It felt like a thousand pair of eyes watching from above along with the oldest of them all, their mother, all seeing me kindly. My mind too was filled with a tranquility. I just wondered how similar our mind and it are, with respect to the frequently changing state, only the interval being drastically different. Of course there is yet another much bigger similarity too, which the dancing lord in Chidambaram signifies.

At that moment however, the sky and my mind, both felt so still.