Editor’s Note: It is true that just because our parents have given us birth they don’t own us. But that does not mean that we can hurt them. And if we do, we should try and make amends before it is too late. For they won’t live forever. A warm story about a father and his son by our member jaishree9. Share your father-son story with us here. 

Kuldeep was sitting in a Deluxe bus but he was imagining himself as flying on wings because he was so happy. He was just wishing the bus would reach the destination at speed of his thoughts which had already reached Bombay. He was imagining himself with his dear lovely wife Sunanda and his newborn son.

Today morning he got the massage that Sunanda has given birth to their son. He was feeling delighted and so proud to be a father. It was his seed which had developed in the form of a son in the womb of the woman he loved most.

Kuldeep was working at Pune in a multinational company.His wife was with her parents at for the delivery. She went there a few weeks back.

This was their first child. 

He was remembering their marriage and how he met her.Kuldeep met Sunanda during his college days .She was just one year junior to him. 
They were grouped together for a two weeks project .She was vivacious, lovely, fun loving & most pretty girl in the group. Kuldeep himself was a tall, dark handsome Boy with an outgoing friendly nature, Soon their group friendship turned to personal friendship & courtship. 

Kuldeep was the only son of a high class Brahmin engineer. His grandparents used to live with his parents as his father was also the only child of his grandparents. When he came home for Diwali two years back, his mother talked about his marriage & told him that they would like him to marry his childhood friend Pooja, she was daughter of his father’s friend. They were very good friends and were from the same caste. Pooja was few months younger to him and they used to live in same campus where both their fathers worked. 

It was expected by both families that they would get marry after completion of their education. But as it happened so that Kuldeep fell in love with Sunanda and it became a very intense relationship in a short time.The barrier to their marriage was also their different caste, Sunanda was a Punjabi girl, his father was working in Punjab.

When he told his mother about his intentions to marry Sunanda all hell broke loose .His parents have chosen Pooja and have given their word to her parents.

Ultimately he himself talked to Pooja and told her of his love for Sunanda. Pooja gracefully accepted this & told her parents. They also kindly withdrew the proposal but his parents as well as grand parents were still angry with him as they felt that he was not honouring their word. 

Sunanda’s family has no objection to this marriage. Ultimately he married Sunanda in a civil court & started his life with Sunanda.

Pooja also got married .

But his parents still didn’t accept Sunanda as his wife & they didn’t welcome Sunanda when they both went home after civil a marriage to take their blessings. So he left for Pune with Sunanda & started his life separately from his parents. And today after two years he was now a father. He thought of his son; how he would like to raise him, play with him, protect him from all the wrong, teach him, Share life with him. He would face all risk but prevent & shield his son from all that. He felt that he may give his life if needed to protect his son.

Though he is yet to see his newborn son he was feeling a entirely different but very deep& strong bonding with him. He was brought back to present by a sudden break of bus.Suddenly his thoughts turned to his father, realising with guilt that when he himself was bourn his father must also have been so happy & must have had same feelings. His mother must have been on seventh Sky as is Sunanda. feeling today ,as every mother feels. He realised that by not keeping in touch with his parents he had done a great injustice to them. 
Every parent have great love & feelings for their offspring which is very special. 

It is self generated. Every father starts dreaming dreams for his son as he was. So did his father. Even if he married according to his choice he should have tried to understand their feelings & should have tried to diffuse their anger.

The bus stopped. He got down from bus .

The nursing home where Sunanda was in Bandra but When the Taxi driver asked address he gave address of Dadar his parents’ house. After Two years he was standing in front of his parental home, He pushed the bell The door was opened by his father ,his father looked surprised to see him standing in door ,He bent down & touched his feet & said with feeling – Papa how are you? You are looking weaker. Where is mum? His mum came from inside kitchen & was looking happily surprised to see him.

He told them that he has come to ask their forgiveness & take their blessings on birth of their Grandson and want them to visit hospital with him to see their grandson an that he would not take no for an answer.

But there was no need to say this His father & mother both were delighted to hear the good news & presently his grand father came & said not only they but we are also coming to hospital to see our great grandson & even you can’t stop us. We may be angry with you but still in our heart we love you dearly and would love my great grandson even more than you. You know the Hindi saying Suud is dearer than mool (interest is dearer than original money) Take us all to hospital to see the youngest m ember of our family. 

Kuldeep nodded happily to this.