All married couples quarrel! Arguments are a way of settling differences and doing away with bias. It is always important to speak one’s mind and express what one expects of the partner.

But how do you settle a difference of opinion amicably and keep your married life a happy one?

Never Bring in Any Other Topic while Arguing

If you do so, neither will the problem on hand be solved nor will the new one! Try to keep within boundaries of the current argument. One has the tendency to dig up old disputes and that is not the best thing to do.

Do Not Bring in Relatives and Family

Never bad mouth some innocent relative during your arguments – unless the relative has caused it! Leaving parents, siblings, friends out of the whole matter is sensible too.

Even if a difference of opinion has risen due to a third person, the people affected are the husband and the wife. And it’s for them to decide how they will manage the situation so that their interests are not affected.

No one in the world can mess with their marital life if they know each other, their likes and dislikes and their boundaries.

Remain Calm and Understanding

Calling each other bad names, being downright rude and hurtful, saying things that insult and demean are not good signs. These are things that cannot be forgotten and do not help ease the situation in any way.

And never get physical. No matter what, hitting or striking the other person, is unforgivable.

Don’t Argue in Front of Children

if children see you fighting with each other they are bound to get scared and even depressed. So avoid raising voices in front of the young ones. Keep your disagreements personal and behind closed doors.

Keep the Debate Friendly

Ensure that the dispute is solved amicably and the matter is buried after that. Also never Talk about these debates to anyone else or involve others to participate in the arguments.

The differences must be sorted out by the couple through talks and discussions.

Don’t Go to Bed without Resolving

An argument should not, as far as possible end with the husband and wife sleeping separately. Such small things can destroy a relationship.

Learn to Let Go

Lose something in order to gain in the long run. Let go your ego or your insistence to stick to your point. Of course it is necessary to point out anything that is grossly wrong and might hurt the relationship.

After pointing it out and maybe arguing over it, when you realise that it might just not be accepted, then any one of the partners will have to let go and bury the point of dispute.

The husband-wife relationship is a very important one and the understanding between the two must be so great that arguments never come in at all.

Mutual respect and trust must exist and when that does, one cannot act in a manner that can hurt the other leading to arguments.