A woman has to be strong, determined, patient and kind if she has to manage a family of 7 co-brothers and a herd of 6 children of her own.

My grandmother had all these qualities and even some more. I have never seen her raise her voice for anything or even express her wishes for anything.

I have quite few memories when we spent summer holidays with my grand parents.I don’t remember a single instance when she said she is tired or she has lots of work to do. I used to feel peaceful when I was near her. My mom used to say the same thing, that she never complained.

We were staying with them one new year and they woke us up at 5:30 AM. My grandparents had made MysorePak in the wee hours and few other things and after praying to God, we sat at the dinning table and enjoyed the delicacies. Till today that is one of the sweetest and precious new year.

My grandfather was a great helper and he used to manage home finance, kids studies etc. I could learn a lot about being content with the life, with what we have, from them. They, as a couple never aspired for big dreams but they lived a very fulfilling life. They always used to say, ‘Do your job and don’t expect results’. My grandfather stresses this then and again and they lived like this.

She is a great listener. You can talk for hours and she will not interrupt and will listen. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen to sort out our issues. All these years whenever I need to vent out or just need assurance or need a soothing support, one person I turn too was my grandmother.

Biggest blow to any parent is losing a child and unfortunately they suffered that too. But she had a way of accepting things as it happens. No one dared to talk about that incident. So I really don’t know how they handled.

I had the opportunity to spend more time with her when I was working. I got a job in the same city but staying closer to office with friends. I used to drop by during weekends and got royal treatment. As soon as I enter the house she will run as if she suddenly became younger to make dosas for me.

We all used to talk to my grandfather about work, studies etc and she will just be silent and listen to this, never used to get jealous of the time we spend with my grandfather and we hardly talked to her when we grew up. If we do it will be about food. As I grew up I slowly changed, she is a constant moral support for everyone.

I wish I did not have to live so far away from her and got more time with her. But I am happy with what I got.

She used to say her blessings are with us always and I believe that too!