How often do you find yourself rushed? Whether it’s to finish a project, running to a meeting, or while preparing meals, it seems like we’re almost always short on time. If only the day had an extra few hours, we say.

I think even if it had another 10 hours, we would still be in a rush because we forgot how not to be. Whether you are a homemaker or a professional, single or married, with or without kids, every day from the time we get up in the morning, till we hit the bed, we constantly rush ourselves! 

Why? Aren’t we important for ourselves? Have you ever considered taking time out for yourself, the so called ‘Me’ time? Or does the thought of taking out time for yourself, makes you feel guilty, after all you have got responsibilities to cater for?

Where is the time?

But honestly what will make you choose a stressed life for yourself? What will your choice will be, you trying to finish one work after another, doing no justice to either of them,; or a happy, relaxed and in control you handling all the deadlines at ease and more efficiently?

Me time does make a difference

Me time means recharging yourself, it’s about making yourself a priority too. It certainly doesn’t mean being selfish. You will come back to your daily tasks happier when you pamper yourself a little bit. Me time is about recharging yourself by taking out time to meet day to day challenges more efficiently.

If we continuously keep on running from one task to another, it’s like being a machine. We may be finishing our work, but missing out on the perfection. ‘Me time’ helps you sit back and analyze your life; it gives you a sense of control and clarity of thoughts.

Me time ideas

What all to do in ‘Me’ time varies from person to person. It could be as simple as taking a walk, or listening to music, reading a book, to taking a vacation, or joining a hobby class, going to spa, or do yoga and meditation. It’s your time, so you are free to do anything that makes you happy and relaxes your senses, even if it means doing nothing. It’s the time when you connect to yourself.

Like for me, to sit back with a book and a snack to nibble is ‘Me’ time. And every day I demand this time from myself with no excuses. It soothes me and brings me back on the track. What about you, what’s your ‘Me’ time idea?