Marriage is not a fairy-tale ending as shown in films. It is the start of the rest of your life and requires life-long commitment. The initial excitement and romance may fade off if you are not willing to put proper efforts in sustaining the relationship. Here are some tips for a successful marriage.

Respect your Spouse:

Respecting each other is the golden rule of marriage. You may not like your partner’s decisions/choices all the time. But respect your spouse for his/her individuality and the choices they make. Do not ridicule him/her in front of others or complain on bad decisions your spouse had made.

Love Unconditionally:

This is the most difficult but most important thing to do. It is not wrong to expect anything from your spouse but if he/she forgets it or chooses not to do it, you don’t have to make issue of it. Gentle reminders can help if your spouse tends to be forgetful. Also, be polite when you want something done rather than demanding and show your gratitude or compliment your partner when they do something for you.

Accept your Spouse:

One of the common mistakes most people do is to try to change their spouse. While both partners have to change to some extent after marriage, if you have an agenda to change your partner in almost all things, it may not work out. Focus on the positive qualities of your partner and stop complaining about the shortcomings.

Accept your In-Laws:

Complaining about in-laws or avoiding them all together is a strict no-no. Remember that they are a part of your partner’s life even before you came into the picture. Do not compare your family with your spouse’s family. Try to adapt the best from both families.

Do Things Together:

Most couples in a happy marriage do chores together. Whether it is cooking, buying groceries, cleaning or washing, happy couples spend time doing ordinary things together. Even if your spouse is watching some television program you do not like, you can still sit with your partner and read a book or catch up on other works like folding laundry, cutting vegetables, etc.

Surprise your Spouse:

Couples often get complacent after marriage and take each other for granted. It doesn’t hurt to surprise your partner once in a while. Try surprising your partner by planning a date night, giving an unexpected gift or compliment, or cooking your partner’s favorite meal, etc.

Show Interest and Appreciation:

Show interest in your spouse’s work and learn something about it. You can understand and help your spouse better when he/she discusses work with you. Listen to your partner when he/she is talking rather than formulating your response. Laugh at his/her jokes. Praise your spouse to others.

Have Personal Space:

For a marriage to succeed, it is important that both the partners have some “me time”. Let your spouse hang out with his/her friends and indulge in his/her hobbies. You can always use that time to do something constructively for yourself.