Pregnancy is most amazing as well as confusing time in one’s life. You are flooded with abundance of information in Internet, which almost contradicts one another.

When you keep wondering whether to follow ‘eat for two people’ as per your granny’s advice or just follow something off internet this book guides you with what to do especially with pregnancy nutrition and fitness.

Getting the Right Nutrients

You would see this book comes loaded with Nutrition and fitness information which has created a positive labor experience in thousands of woman. Nutrients and its importance are elaborated for all- trying to conceive women, pregnant women; feeding moms. Author didn’t ignore the dads too! These are completely desi diet charts which you can follow with ease.

The focus is on nuts, vegetables, fruits and milk that are easily available. If you are a person like me, who sticks diet charts in fridge door you will enjoy it. Special conditions like Gestational diabetes and anemia are not left out as well.

Importance of Fitness during Pregnancy

Coming to fitness this book opens the new door of options to you.  With bear minimal exercise equipment, there are enough stretches and exercises covered in this book which gently works out all parts of body. And as the author rightly says, “What better gift for your little baby than the gift of health”.

Even an exercise novice, can start a regime with confidence with the help of this book. I especially enjoyed reading about how a different stretch/exercise works on the body and whom it suited for most.

If you are looking for bonding with dad to-be over your work-out session there are is a special section for that too. There is a section on post-partum routines which you can enjoy with your baby. If you are worried about labor and wondering what the special breathing is all about, there is a section on breathing and emotional fitness as well!

Towards Healthy Pregnancy

I was amazed with the simple approach in which things are explained and loved reading this book till the end. I even started out the exercise regimes though it’s initial days I could see a positive change in my body.

In short this is the kind of book, you should hold in hand right from the time you are planning a family till getting back in shape post pregnancy.

About the Author

Sonali Shivlani is an Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator. She is the executive director of the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), India, and director of the Pregnancy Fitness Educator Programme, CAPPA International. Her work has been published in leading magazines, sites and journals.

Sonali has also authored the book Supermoms Recipes. She believes in educating women with the right knowledge and confidence to have a healthy pregnancy.


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