Editor’s Note: If you are wondering for how long you can continue working, the answer depends on how well you are keeping and also the health of your unborn child. If your doctor has confirmed that you have an uncomplicated pregnancy and also if your work is not too strenuous or hazardous, then you can continue going to office even till her labour starts. In this regard, Here are some of the tips that ladies from our forum shared. 

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Generally there is nothing to worry about. Almost all my colleagues worked until the day of delivery and a lot of them did a 30 hour shift in the last few weeks of delivery. Even I am planning to work until the delivery day. Make sure you eat healthy and keep yourself well hydrated. Speak with your doctor. Unless you have any contraindications, they recommend being active. – happyness 

Unless you have had problems in the pregnancy, and your job is not too strenuous (like you’re a mechanic/track coach/hockey player) you should be fine working right up until you need to go to the hospital. – cissyboo

It is better to be active while you are pregnant unless it is advised otherwise by the doctors. It also depends on the type of your work and financial plans. There is no need to take rest unless you are extremely unwell. I am working and travelled long distance every now and then during this pregnancy. I was perfectly fine with that till my 3rd trimester but now I prefer some rest thinking about my postpartum and other issues. –  SGBV 

We tend to think of pregnancy as some sort of disease and get extra worried i was told to consider pregnancy as a normal part of life. Keep doing what you were doing before pregnancy. Ladies in villages still do all chores and take care of fields and animals keep doing what they always do, even hunt for food till delivery time! – hotchillipepper

My doctor has advised me not to sit or stand for more than 2 hours in one place. Try to get up walk or rest every 2 hours once. Stretch yourself. – AnithaParth

If your company gives you an option to go on medical leave for a month, try producing a medical certificate from your gynecologist and go on leave. Get to know the companies’ policies clarified from the HR team and go ahead with the required days of leave. – AS1982

My last job was very hectic, 6 days working with 10 – 12 hours working each day, office politics, plus salary was not on time etc My 1st IVF failed under these circumstances. Before going for 2nd IVF I took a conscious decision to leave the company Of course there will be some adjustments required especially with EMI, cost of treatments, FIL hospitalization etc. But I discussed with my husband and we were ready to take the risk of 1 person income. – ssm014

So go ahead and discuss your pregnancy with your doctor and make your decision. How long you decide to work it totally yours. But do remember that as you near your due date you will tend to feel more and more exhausted. So take it easy and don’t try and don’t try and be a super-heroine.