Editor’s Note: If you are alone in the USA and wondering whether you will able to manage the delivery of your child single-handedly then don’t worry. Many women have gone through this before. We bring you stories of some here.

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A Mixed Bag of more Ideas from Different Readers

Whenever you have a question find out about it from books or from the internet. Jot it down somewhere so that you remember it. – Rainbo

Search for a good nanny well before the due date so that you know who you are hiring and can train her before your child arrives – shrutimanjunath 

Even if you are alone and even if things become tough, Don’t ever lose faith in yourself – geetha mahesh

Speak to your friends as they give some of the best advice –Soulsong 

Don’t worry about laundry and other housework. As for the baby, you can skip a bath on some days too. So take it easy and get used to motherhood first. anmolhai 

I would suggest not eating too much lemon like lemon rice and tamarind rice. No soy. – hymavarun

. Pack things when you are nearing due so that you can grab when you are rushing to hospital – saruaravindh

Part 1 – Plan Well

Part 2 – Do Smart Research

Part 3 – Be Hands-on Parents

Part 4 – Take Your Doctor’s Help

Part 5 – Eat Well to Manage Post Partum Blues

Part 6 – Don’t Try to be Perfect

Part 7 – Don’t Panic

Part 8 – Get Back to Your Feet

Part 9 – Don’t get Scared