Editor’s Note: So you are expecting. Congratulations! Now, as you wait for the baby to develop and then pop out, enjoy these grandma’s tales that some of our IL members have shared with us. If you know of any, then do share them with us here.

Heartburn may mean a hairy baby – cheer

Many people believe that your cravings are caused by the sex of your baby. So, if you can’t get enough sweets/chocolate, you could be having a girl. – cheer

If you have saffron with milk, you will get a fair coloured baby – Sriniketan

If the tummy is very big, it is a girl baby. If it is small, it is a baby boy. – Sindhuja

if you are beaming radiant! its a girl, if you have dark lines around your neck and face in general is darker than normal its a boy – naazneen

If you have crossed your EDD, then you are going to have a girl baby and if you are in the hospital before EDD, you are going to deliver a boy baby. – Meeta

If you eat plenty of ghee with jaggery, you will have a healthy boy. If you will eat more rice and related food, your baby will be a girl. – – Meeta

If you drink ghee from 2 months on,before your delivery,the baby will “slip” out easily. – priyauc

A normal fetal heart rate is between 110 and 160 beats per minute (bpm), although some people think if it’s faster (usually above the 140 bpm range) it’s a girl and if it’s slower it’s a boy.- hellocanada

If you are troubled by extreme nausea during the first trimester, the baby has got lots of hair. – ptamil2007