There are many cord blood banks in India today but Cordlife is one of the best choices. Here are five reasons why.

Long Term Security

Cordlife is a financially stable company that has been successfully operating since 2001.

It is headquartered in Singapore and is present in many countries other than India such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines (under Cordlife brand), China, Malaysia and Thailand (under other brands through investment stake).

So if you are a parent who is planning to bank her child’s cord blood stem cells then Cordlife is a very good choice for you.


Cordlife Group Limited (Wikipedia)



Traded as

CLGL SP (Bloomberg); P8A.SI (Reuters)


Health Care Services


May 2, 2001



Area served

Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, The Philippines (under Cordlife brand); China, Malaysia and Thailand (under other brands through investment stake)

Key people

Ho Choon Hou (Chairman)

Yee Pinh Jeremy (CEO)


Cord blood banking, cord lining banking, metabolic screening and other products catering to the mother & child segment


S$49.1 million (FY2014)

Net income

S$30.4 million (FY2014)

Total assets

S$190.7 million (FY2014)

Total equity

S$141.3 million (FY2014)


538 (FY2013)



Maximum Stem Cell Extraction

Often cord blood stem cells cannot be used for an adult’s transplant. This is because the number of stem cells that can be harvested from the cord blood is not enough as compared to what an adult’s body weight demands.

Also, currently cord blood stem cells cannot be expanded.

Thus every drop of stem cell that can be harvested is precious.

CordLife is the only stem cell bank in India that uses SEPAX-2. This is a latest automated machine that can harvest up to 99.46% of stem cells and the entire processing can be completed within 35 minutes.

This gives the cord blood stem cells extracted by Cordlife the maximum viability.


Safe Processing Method

Processing and preservation of stem cells is an advanced procedure.

The stem cells need to be stored such that it is free from any adverse reaction in future.

CordLife is the only stem cell bank that uses UCB protocol without using the sedimentation agent hydroxyethyl starch (H.E.S.) It is designed for the routine processing of the UCB (umbilical cord blood) and helps in the extraction of the nucleated cells that are rich in hematopoietic stem cells.

Some studies have found that the use of H.E.S. as a sedimentation agent can lead to increased mortality as well as renal injury and even bleeding during the stem cell transplant process.



Extract Special Stem Cells from the Cord Tissue

Other than the blood taken from the umbilical cord after birthing, preservation of stem cells taken from the cord tissue is also possible.

The cord tissue is special because it is rich in mesenchyme and epithelial stem cells. While the former has the ability to develop into organ forming cells the latter can form skin cells.

CordLife is the only company that can harvest epithelial stem cells in India. In fact, it has patent to harvest the same in 18 countries including India.

Microsoft Word - Patent on cord tissue.docx

Official Agreement

When you decide to store your child’s cord blood stem cells you do so for a period of 21 to 25 years.

For this you need to sign a contract with the cord blood company. However such a contract cannot be on a simple paper. It should be registered and validated by the court.

CordLife is the only company that provides notarized agreement in India.