In case you haven’t noticed it, pregnancy and boat-load of questions go together.
This guide, written by two Indusladies community members Ansuya and Deepa, is an excellent resource to help answer some of them. It is short, but covers most of what you need to know, without overwhelming you.
The authors are young mothers themselves. Everything here is based on first hand information or things they extensively researched for their own pregnancy. It is practical, jargon-free and completely free for you to download.
  • Helpful guidance on all stages – conception, pregnancy, labor, delivery and post-natal care.
  • Answers questions you might consider too simple or silly to ask your doctor, but want to know!
  • Tips on topics that don’t have a right answer e.g. how to effectively involve the expectant father.
  • Covers squishy but immensely important area – managing your emotional state.
  • A list of essential baby gear – the basics you need to get without going overboard.
Exclusive Bonus:It is extremely well-written and will read as if a friend is talking to you. So, go on, Download your copy.. Please share it with your pregnant friends as well.