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Now that 37 weeks of being pregnant is over, both you and your baby are now playing the waiting game. The delivery can happen any time! You could feel anxious during the next few weeks. Do discuss all your doubts with your doctor.

Changes in Your Body at Week 38 Pregnancy

As your cervix softens and prepares for labor there could be increased mucus discharge.

At 38 weeks of pregnancy the pelvic pressure and back pain will continue as your baby moves into your birth canal.

If you are living in more humid climates, you might notice that there is a pronounced swelling on your feet. The humidity draws fluid into your tissues

You could be getting bouts of headaches at this stage. If they are too frequent or unbearable then do speak to your doctor about it. It could be a sign of hypertension that is induced by your pregnancy hormones. This can even affect your baby because the hypertension can prevent the placenta from getting adequate nutrition and oxygen to your child.

Know more about what to expect while you wait for the labor pain to start. Read our pregnancy e-guide.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 38 Pregnancy

If you are moving into 39 weeks of pregnancy and you haven’t given birth yet then your child continues to grow inside you and will be around twenty inches in length by now.

From this week onward the baby’s tear ducts begin to form.

As the sex organs have formed fully by now, the gender of the child can easily be deciphered. Those who do not wish to know the sex of their child before birth should avoid looking at the ultrasounds now.

Although every pregnancy is a unique one, most often at 38 weeks of pregnancy, the girls are smaller than the boys and rest lower in the abdomen.

Week 38 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

Massages and maternity belts will ease a lot of your discomfort that you feel on your pelvis and in the back.

If you are in a high risk pregnancy then the doctor might do some fetal monitoring to see whether your child is doing fine or not.

Week 38 Fun

At 38 weeks of pregnancy, plan a picnic with your favorite food and best friends.

Watch a funny movie. Laughing releases the hormone endorphins which helps to relax.

Is your pelvis pain making you very uncomfortable? What are you doing to ease the discomfort? Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

Week 38 Pregnancy Articles

Week 38 Pregnancy Discussions

Week 38 Have a Laugh

Man: My wife is six months pregnant and so moody. Her behaviour seems so illogical. I think she has become mentally unstable now.

Doctor: So what’s your question?