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You might feel that your pregnancy is an endless one. But 29 weeks of pregnancy is already over! It is just a few more weeks left, however it is normal for this feeling to come. Most women experience this and you are not alone.

Changes in Your Body at Week 30 Pregnancy

Your aches and pains continue well into the.31st week of pregnancy as well. The hormones will loosen your joints and so you might feel a little wobbly. Practice sitting, standing and walking in the way that is most comfortable to you and take it slow and easy.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 30 Pregnancy

As the fat continues to build up, the baby’s wrinkled skin smoothen up a bit more at this stage.

At this stage the baby practices breathing on its own by moving its diaphragm repeatedly. This will cause flutters in your uterus.

The baby now has a fully functional digestive tract that takes in nutrients from you and processes it.

At 30 weeks of pregnancy, the hair that covered its skin now reduces and that in the scalp begins to grow.

The baby has grown so much in size now that it almost occupies the entire space. Hence it can’t somersault anymore. An abdominal examination will reveal what position your child is in now.

Week 30 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

Find out more about baby costs and expenses and then make a list of how you can save up now.

At 30 weeks of pregnancy if you go into premature labour then you will be advised bed rest. Sometimes drugs can also be given to suppress premature labour. These drugs suppress the contractions and help you to relax. In case you have a higher probability for premature labor, you will be asked to visit the doctor more often. Ultrasound scans of the baby will be taken to monitor the fetal heart beats and your contractions. Despite everything if pre-term can’t be stopped, then the baby will be delivered. Thereafter it will be monitored at the hospital.

Our e-book on managing pregnancy will tell you more on how best to manage yourself during this time.

Week 30 Fun

At 30 weeks of pregnancy pack your bag that you will be taking to the hospital. Make a list of all the things that you will need and put them all in. You won’t have any time or energy to pack once your labor pain begins.

Write a funny letter to your baby and write the date and year you would want to open it. Your kid is sure to have a hearty laugh when he or she reads it later on in life.

So is your hospital bag ready? What all have you packed? Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

Week 30 Pregnancy Articles – Coming Soon!!!

Week 30 Pregnancy Discussions

Week 30 Have a Laugh

If an almost full-term pregnant women is asked how she is feeling (after all the nausea and cramps), what would do you think her answer would be?

At a party, this is the answer I overheard and it had me in splits.

“Not too good. I’ve missed seven or eight periods, and I’m beginning to worry about it.”