Editor’s Note: Weight gain is but natural during pregnancy. However it should be a gradual one. And also the concentration should be more on eating well and eating healthy. Our member Dwirakhi shares some important tips and observations regarding weight gain during pregnancy. You too can share your tips with us here.

Please understand that every pregnant woman will gain weight during the pregnancy. The allowed weight gain for Indian woman is 9 to 12 kgs for a pregnancy with a single baby. Most pregnant women are confused with the weight gain in pregnancy. The stomach will bulge out, the abdominal muscles will stretch.

In the first trimester due to nausea vomiting and poor eating habits the expecting woman may not gain weight at all. In fact severe vomiting can cause dehydration, hospitalization with drips and lead to weight loss of one or two kgs. Once the nausea and vomiting subside after the first trimester the pregnant woman can settle down with a healthy regular eating habit.

The weight gain should be gradual. A pregnant woman is allowed to gain one kg a month upper limit one and half kgs a month. A sudden gain of weight like 3 to 4 kgs a month will be an alarm for the expecting motherto check on her eating pattern, quality of her food intake. A sudden weight gain like this can also be due to gestational diabetes.

Eating in pregnancy need not be for two people in terms of quantity but for two in terms of quality. That means nutritious healthy hygienic freshly prepared food. A balanced meal with various nutrients, Rice and wheat products, greens, vegetables, fruits nuts, dairy products, plenty of fluids along with the pre natal medicines are recommended in pregnancy. The portions are moderate, what is important is eating at regular intervals without longs gaps. 

Exercising in pregnancy should be to rejuvenate the body and feel good, nothing strenuous. Walking and simple stretches are the safest form of exercising. It needs clearance from the doctor and the tempo is according to the pregnant woman’s comfort and stamina level. Weight loss in pregnancy is an absurd concept; controlled moderated gradual weight gain is the strategy to be followed.

The pregnant mother’s exercising capacity diminishes as the pregnancy progresses. So one must learn to listen to the body .There is increasing strain on all the systems of the pregnant woman as the baby grows and develops.

Some pregnant woman may even loose a kg or not even gain a kg in the last 4 weeks of her term.

Aerated drinks, food which are highly processed, increase in intake of fruit juices, fried food, food with excessive simple sugars or excessive fat can lead to unwanted weight gain during pregnancy and ideally should be limited rather avoided as much as possible.

Don’t think about weight gain in pregnancy, think nutrition, think health for you and your baby.