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You have completed your week 12 of pregnancy and have successfully entered your second trimester! You still have a long way to go, but the worst is over. So just keep staying healthy and enjoy this time. And read through our pregnancy guide which will help you with lots of information and advice.

Changes in Your Body at Week 13 Pregnancy

Your uterus will finally start to move out of your pelvic bones and so your bladder, hence the need for frequent urination will subside.

Some of you may experience pelvic pains though. There are a few other pains that occur too.

  • Since your waistline thickens you may experience abdominal pains
  • There could be ligament pain. Since the ligaments support the growing uterus, they stretch and pull quite a bit.

While these pains are normal, if you however experience any bleeding or any sort of fluid leakage, then do consult your doctor immediately.

At 13 weeks of pregnancy your breasts continue to grow as you progress into the 14th week of your pregnancy. In fact, they are very sensitive now and as your mammary glands begin to prepare for lactation you will start to produce colostrum. This makes them tender. But don’t crib, after all you are on your way to motherhood.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 13 Pregnancy

Finally the little one has begun to look like a human being – although it is still very tiny. Some changes in this week for your baby are:

  • At 13 weeks of pregnancy the eyes move away fro the head and come closer together
  • The eyebrow hairs begin to form
  • The abdomen grows, thereby making space for the intestines to fit into it

This week your baby will be achieving two major milestone:

  • Insulin production begins in the pancreas. This is vital not only for later but also for regulating the sugar level of the baby just after child birth.
  • At 13 weeks of pregnancy the intestinal system is functional now.

Week 13 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

You might noticing stretch marks around your abdomen and breasts. Gaining weight slowly will help reduce its chances. So stick to a healthy well balanced diet.

At 13 weeks of pregnancy if you are planning to rub any oils or ointments for your stretch marks, then do seek the permission of your doctor prior to that.

Although many of you would have lost the interest in intercourse by this time, if you do wish, then remember that it will cause no harm to your baby. However, only if you have a normal pregnancy and the doctor has validated the point. The baby is securely protected by the amniotic sac and nothing will hurt it, no matter what position you choose during your intercourse. And don’t worry – the baby won’t understand what you are up to! Except during an orgasm when because the hormones cause some uterine contraction.

Week 13 Fun

At 13 weeks of pregnancy sign up for yoga classes. It will keep you stay healthy and you will also get to meet some more mothers-to-be.

Cuddle up and make love.

Call up your mother and catch up on all the gossip about your relatives.

How does it feel to be in your second trimester? The nausea’s almost gone and the excitement is building up? Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

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Week 13 Pregnancy Discussions

Week 13 Have a Laugh

Here are two cheeky one liners for you:

  • Why is it so great to be a test tube baby? You get a womb with a view.
  • What does a pregnant woman and a burned cake have in common? You should have taken it out earlier.