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Congratulations! You have finished week 11 of pregnancy and have stepped into week 12! This is the week when you move from your first to your second trimester. Your baby has by now developed most of its organs and the chances of miscarriage greatly reduces as you step into this second trimester.

Changes in Your Body at Week 12 Pregnancy

As you progress towards the 13th week of pregnancy Your uterus is slowly moving above the pubic bone. This means that people will realize that you are pregnant and have not suddenly not put on a lot of weight because of your sudden overeating!

At 12 weeks of pregnancy, while the skin of some begins to glow, some begin to look darker and more fatigued. Also, not only does the region around the nipples darken, face freckles and brownish patches on the skin can also develop. It is all hormonal.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 12 Pregnancy

Developments in your baby at 12 weeks of pregnancy include:

  • Vocal Cords developing
  • All ten toes and fingers have nails on them now
  • The eyebrows and the lips also form at this stage
  • The intestines are growing and now have room to move into the abdomen.

As the brain grow and develop hormones of its own, the nerve cells begin to multiply. The brain also makes the muscles respond to it. But this not fully controlled as yet. However actions like fist clenching, wrist twisting and arm bending start to happen.

Find out more about such developments and what other changes that you can expect in our pregnancy guide book.

Week 12 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

The hormones can give you heartburn  in your chest and abdomen. The cure for this is to eat small portions of food throughout the day. And it is best if the gap between two are not more than two hours. Also it is best to stick to high fibre food in such cases.

At 12 weeks of pregnancy you might be tempted to up your vitamin A intake to reduce the skin patches and spots that appear during this time. But it is best not to because excessive vitamin A can adversely affect your baby and also your liver.

Report any sign of bleeding or spotting at this stage because this can be a sign of a molar pregnancy. This is one where the placenta develops abnormally. And this is one of the major causes of miscarriage at this stage.

Week 12 Fun

Allow the elders to pamper you and enjoy all the attention. You have done a lot of running around after marriage. It is now time for you to enjoy the comforts of doing nothing for a few months.

Take out that old phone book and reconnect with people you have lost touch with. Dial those old friends of yours you have meaning to speak to for ages but never got the time to do.

At 12 weeks of pregnancy make a list of the weirdest ten things you want to do just after your baby has arrived. Be that biting into that doughnut that you have given up eating now or even sleeping on your tummy!

So what fun thing do you plan to do just after childbirth? How did you react when you realized that your baby can now clench its fist? Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

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Week 12 Pregnancy Discussions

Week 12 Have a Laugh

After her ultrasound scan, the pregnant woman shyly asks the doctor, “My husband wanted to know…if…if I could….”

The doctor reassuringly tells her, “Yes, yes. Absolutely! You can still have sex with your husband.”

“Oh no, no doctor.” She says. ‘I wanted to know if I could still mow the lawn.”