Getting back to work after pregnancy can be a matter of choice or a matter of need. Either ways, tearing away from the infant can be a challenge for a new mom. Here are some practical tips for you.

Organize a Trustworthy Support Setup

One of the foremost things to bear in mind is the requirement of a support system. This could be family members like grandparents, close friends or even a nanny. However, no matter who you choose as the person who will look after your child, do make sure that it is someone who is:

  •     Trustworthy
  •     Capable
  •     Patient
  •     Has experience with child handling
  •     Hygienic and clean
  •     Can be easily contacted
  •     Educated

Things that Baby’s Caretaker will need

When the maternity leave ends and the day comes for you to actually leave your child at home while you head back to work, make sure the following are in order. Make sure the person who will be with your baby is well informed about all the below:


Make sure you tell the care-giver what food to feed your baby, the amount and the times in the day. If it is milk, explain the dosage scoops to her or if its pumped breast milk then show her where it’s stored in the fridge. If your child has progressed to solid food, then keep a menu chart handy. This will help the person at home to prepare the right food. Let her know if the food needs to be mashed and the minimum number of spoons that the baby has to eat.


Leave enough diapers or cloth nappies so that if they get soiled there won’t be a dearth for it. Other important cosmetics like cream, soap, powder etc should also be kept in a place known to the help. Instruct her if there is anything special that needs to be done on any particular day. For example if the child has nappy rash and rash cream needs to be applied, then don’t forget to tell her so.

Important phone numbers 

Leave a diary with the important numbers in it – the parents, the pediatrician, your office number, your closest friend’s, a neighbor and any other you feel is needed. Instruct the person to call you the moment, if ever, there’s an emergency.


Keep a first aid box ready at home and tell the help about it. Put important medicines, antiseptic medicines etc in it. Also instruct her never to leave your child alone.