As lifestyles become busier, food habits erratic and stress levels higher, lowering fertility is a common problem women face. Fortunately, fertility is not a you-either-have-it-or-you-don’t thing. With small changes in lifestyle and eating habits, fertility can be increased naturally and one can get that baby bump soon.

Here is how:

Yoga and Meditation

Infertility is directly related to stress and worry. Stress creates hormonal imbalance that can shut down reproductive system. Yoga helps you relax, increase muscle strength and control breathing. Yoga is a strong stress reliever. So is meditation. Meditation helps you connect with your subconscious. Shut yourself away from everyone and everything for a few minutes everyday and meditate. You may also resort to other stress relieving techniques that work for you, like, reading, talking it out with close friends, taking long walks, pursuing your hobbies, etc. What is important is, that you stay calm and happy.

Watch your Weight

Being underweight or overweight, both are harmful for fertility. Less body fat doesn’t produce enough hormones to sustain pregnancy whereas excess body fat produces excess hormones that can disrupt ovulation. One must have enough weight to be able to conceive and sustain. Exercise enough and eat healthy. Make sure your diet consists of enough iron, Vitamin C, zinc and protein as these directly influence menstrual cycles. Have a balanced diet of lentils, veggies, meat and dairy products. Remember, that your body must be ready to support two lives.

Take Folic Acid

Take multivitamin supplements everyday especially the ones that contain folic acid. In the earliest days of pregnancy, the embryo’s neural tubes (brain and spinal cord) develop. Taking folic acid will reduce the risk of defect.