Childhood obesity is a serious problem and if it is not controlled then it can cause complications like asthma and diabetes in adulthood.

Here is some childhood obesity questions answered for you.

Way to Calculate Obesity

Obesity is determined by calculating the BMI or the body mass index using the weight and the height of your child. The BMI is different for different ages and between sexes. If your child has a BMI that is more than 95%, then she will be regarded as being obese. 

Questions to Ask Your Doctor If Your Child Is Obese

If your child is tested as obese then regular checkups with your doctor is beneficial. During such visits the questions that you should be asking are:

  • The child’s blood pressure
  • The level of cholesterol etc in the blood and how often tests need to be done
  • Monitoring her growth chart
  • How often you need to consult a dietician

What Causes Childhood Obesity?

Causes behind childhood obesity are:

  • Medical reasons like an under active thyroid gland
  • Genetics wherein if a parent or parents are overweight the chances that the child will be too is high.
  • Consumption of more calories than their body can use. This happens because of consumption of large portions of food, junk food, sugar rich beverages like packaged juices and soft drink.
  • Sedentary lifestyle wherein children spend more time in playing with an iPad or watching television instead of indulging in outdoor sports. This lack of physical activity causes the calories to be stored in the body as fat.
  • Fat is the primary culprit behind childhood obesity. This is because the same amount of fat has twice the amount of calories as compared to either carbohydrate or protein

How to Prevent Child Hood Obesity?

Some of the ways to prevent childhood obesity are:

  • Include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet
  • Avoid sugary beverages. Instead give her fresh fruit juice made at home.
  • When giving packaged food like biscuits read the labels carefully to determine the nutritional value of the food
  • Give her more of home cooked food instead of fast food
  • Make sure that she is getting adequate physical activity. Physical activity is anything that increases your child’s heart beat and causes light sweating.

Family Time Curbs Obesity

Many a times the root cause behind your child’s obesity is family stress. The risk of it can be reduced by maintaining a conducive family environment. For example:

  • Family meals together
  • Asking your child to help you with grocery shopping and meal menu planning
  • An open environment where her thoughts are also heard