What has been your greatest moment on your creative journey so far?

I live for every moment and creativity pushes me to the extreme. Every moment is a new high.

Where do you find the inspiration for your designs?

I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. It could be in a dialogue, in a phrase I read, in a picture, while travelling, or a best seller from the last season’s collection.

What are your areas of interests and hobbies?

 I grew up as an army child and we moved every two years. Somewhere on the way, travelling became a passion. For me, to travel means to learn and widen your horizon and grow as a person.  I also read a lot. Reading gives me a sense of peace and you’ll always find a book on my bed side.

Who are some of your favourite fashion designers? What influence they have had in your career? 

I am inspired by Madeleine Vionnet to start with, then Valentino for his remarkably beautiful drapes, and Vera Wang for the ethereal creations. These designers inspire me to the hilt, for just being what they are and where they are.

A common challenge faced by women is, to effectively manage the work-family balance. How do you manage a perfect balance in your work-family commitments? 

The most difficult is the overlapping. It is important to segregate work space and home responsibilities. It helps to have back up staff at home (just like subordinates at work). Also, I am so passionate about my work that I have attended calls, mails, and queries throughout the day, irrespective of the time. I try and finish my work in the ‘my time’ which is very early in the mornings and the official work hours. Sundays are sacred as that is one day I am with my children.

There are a lot of our women readers who would like to start their own setup as a fashion designer. Please advice how should they go about doing this?

Experience in the field helps. A good team is a must.  If finances are a strong point, then the going gets softened, however the know-how is imperative to be a cut above the rest.

Thank you Ms Sharma, Team Indusladies wishes you the very best.