How do you place all the picture elements in a photo to get a pleasing picture? This is termed as composition, and is done by following certain guidelines to get a better picture. Some of the techniques to try out are the following:

Always fill the frame with either the subject, or use objects from background like tree, hill, clouds, crop fields etc to add visual interest in your photos.

You can use the rule of thirds to get a striking picture. Just imagine two lines running vertically as well as horizontally in your camera to form nine squares. Now if you place the subject of your photo on the intersecting points of these lines, the image will have more impact.

Try out both portrait and landscape to get better photo shots. You will realize that one version will be better than the other during certain times.


Close-ups can be used for gardens, bees, butterflies and wild life. Digital cameras with macro mode and short lenses can help you get good close-up shots. To get a good clarity image you may have to take several pictures of the subject to get it right. You can decrease the aperture and use a tripod to get a crisper picture. Experiment, zoom in, lie down and change your photography angle (up, down or behind) to get the best photography.

Nature photography has meaning only if you realize what you wish to capture or depict in your picture. As Hari, a photographer puts it, ‘When I shoot I try to visualize what mood the picture will convey to the viewer. Depending on that I try to capture the photo from the best vantage point.’