Author: Usha Hariprasad

Add Years to Your Life with Top Anti-aging Foods

Do you know that you can actually look younger, with the help of anti-aging foods? Anti-aging foods not only negate the effects of aging, but also help build immunity and protect you against illness. Here are six superfoods that will help you fight aging. Garlic: Garlic is one of the best foods for anti-aging as it provides a variety of health benefits. Garlic, whether consumed raw or cooked, can boost your immunity. It also lowers cholesterol, keeps blood pressure, heart diseases, certain types of cancers and other infections under check. The incidence of colds and flu can be decreased...

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7 Simple Tips to Smart and Healthy Grocery Shopping

With a vast number of supermarkets and the sheer variety of food items they store, it is natural to get confused as to what to buy for your home. Here are few smart grocery shopping tips and tricks. Read food labels Reading food labels is very important, as it informs you about the various ingredients present in the food like fiber, fat, sodium, whole grain/multi grain, sugar, etc. If you are losing weight or on a special diet then, it is doubly important that you keep a check on its fat, sodium and sugar content. Serving size, cholesterol and...

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Diet not Working? Try these…

Are your diet plans backfiring at you? Are you frustrated, that despite numerous attempts at dieting, you are not still reaching the goal that you have set for yourself? Why are some people successful at weight-loss while other people fail? Here are top five reasons why your diet may not be working with some hints at natural weight-loss. Small Breakfast A small breakfast can hinder your weight-loss efforts. Technically, the size of the breakfast should depend upon the amount of work or the activity you engage during your day.  You will have to monitor the calories that you consume...

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7 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day Outside India

Patriotic programs, colorful mini tricolor flags and Nehru Caps, colorful, noisy parades with marching bands and cultural programs await the Indians to commemorate Independence Day. However, what about those Indians who are living far away from their own country? How can they celebrate it with a passion that does justice to this glorious occasion?  Here are seven tips for Independence Day Celebrations: Decorate Your Home: As the theme is Independence Day, you can stick to decorating your apartment with tri color ribbons, flowers, balloons etc. Colorful Rangolis can also add to the festive atmosphere. Cultural Program: Organize a cultural...

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Effective Weight Loss with Food Tracking

A simple way to lose weight fast is by tracking your food intake via a food diary or a journal. Does it sound unbelievable? What if I were to tell you, that studies done by weight loss centers, point out that, maintaining a simple food diary can actually double your weight loss. Let us find out how tracking the food helps in weight loss. What exactly is food tracking? Food tracking is recording the amount of food that you have consumed in a day. It is a method of tracking the foods that you have eaten, and their calorie...

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