Editor’s Note: We come across many interesting love stories in our day to day life. Some of them leavean everlasting impression on us.  Our member, gayathrivijay12 has been witness to this perfect couple her office premises. Read on and you will also agree that this indeed is a beautiful love story! And you can share your thoughts here.

I had been looking at this guy quite for a while …Whenever I see him I used to tell to myself, “how cute he is na?”…Something in him made me throw a gaze of profound admiration at him till he disappears from sight…What made me do so?? His sparkling confidence? His smile whenever he sees me…??his outdated silver straped wrist watch which he checks out quite often?? or his neatly dressed looks?? 

He is incharge of a chota library in my institute that is solely for novels & non-technical magazines..He comes at 5 in the evening daily and sits outside the library issuing magazines…He would be on duty incessantly arranging and stacking the magazines …This is actually his part time job…He works in a post office in the morning sessions and comes swiftly to my institute exactly at 5 in the evening in his TVS champ seated like a prince.

I had seen him many a times while driving on the main road…His gentle nod of acknowledgement makes me feel good. He is also a bit liberal to me…He doesn’t mind issuing me an extra book though I had crossed my limits which is two books at a time for employees…I wink at him with a child like glee and promise to return back the extra books within two days which I never did…

Once I was astonished to see him walk with a lady… They both were of the same height,weight & complimented each other very well except for the fact that she was a bit fairer than him….I was surprised & became totally oblivious of what is happening and when they were crossing me he as usual smiled at me & said’ “ Happy Diwali madam”. (This actually happened during that Diwali week) and introduced the smiling lady to me” Madam yeh hain mere wife…”I felt happy with this sweet gesture & smiled at her. It was infact a very familiar face to me but I wasn’t able to recollect her…There I got it..She works as a cleaning lady in the canteen.. It just dawned on me .’Girl you had not seen such a perfect pair ever in your life. …( of course, have to accept it with a tinge of jealousy)