Irregular periods, PCOS, Infertility – most of the women should have either experienced or heard about these medical conditions at some point of time in their life.

Now that these medical conditions have become highly prevalent, an awareness  that medicines alone will not rectify these issues and proper lifestyle changes need to be made has also come.

Listed below are a few pointers to start with the changes one can initiate in their lives before shelling out huge sums of money for fertility treatment.

Stop Worrying

Worry increases the stress level which in turn aggravates the medical condition. Now that you know the problem, make up your mind to work towards solving the same.

For any medical condition associated with the reproductive system of women the following will help -weight loss, diet, supplement and attitude

Weight Loss

Shedding even a few pounds will help a long way in regularizing periods and improving the fertility quotient. Choose any workout that fits your lifestyle and be consistent.


Diet is your medicine. Research shows that 90% of Teens are affected with PCOS due to their sedentary life style and heavy snacking on junk foods. Make a commitment towards healthy eating.

Choose a wide variety of veggies, fruits and nuts for your diet. Research also shows that all chronic diseases and metabolic syndromes started coming in with the consumption of the plethora of processed foods increased. Hence make sure to include in your diet a lot of unprocessed food rather than processed ones.

It’s the right time to remember about the food pyramid and balanced diet concepts that one would have read during school days and to follow the same.


Make a good multivitamin, multi mineral supplement a regular part of your diet to support reproductive well being and metabolism.

Though vitamin and mineral supplements give enormous benefits, be cautious not to take them on your own because research shows that any supplement needs to be taken only after proper tests and only on medical advice. Hence check with your gynec before making this decision as an unwarranted consumption of any particular vitamin/mineral will have disastrous side effects.


Whining and getting depressed over your health is not at all an option. Be a go getter and try to cultivate the “Never say Die” attitude. Your positive attitude towards life will solve 90% of your problems.

Now there is an increasing tendency to go in for IUI or IVF treatments within the first few months of marriage. According to generally accepted medical parameters, a woman is considered infertile only if she has not conceived even after 1 year of trying.

Hence do not give up, do a thorough medical examination of both yourself and your partner to make sure both of you are fit to be parents. Take control of your health and the much awaited good news will soon follow. Remember that much of the problem can be remedied through sheer will power, your own that is!