Sleep, as we all know is one of the essentials for a healthy life. Sleep deprivation can make a person’s life erratic and insane. It can be a prime reason for weight gain, saggy skin, depression, and hindrance in cognitive processes, such as learning, thinking, reasoning and concentration, serious health problems and can even cause deadly accidents.

When you are wondering how to beat sleeplessness, you may be blissfully unaware of few surprising factors that are causing havoc to your sleep. Here are few reasons why you are not getting your sound sleep hours.


Your mattress has the potential to put you to sleep or rob those golden hours of sleep.  Check how you wake up every morning. If you wake up exhausted and tired every day with fewer hours of sleep, check the quality of the mattress.

Invest in a mattress that suits your body – firm and not too hard or soft.  The rule also holds good for pillow, which can provide good support for your neck and defines your sleeping position.  Good pillows are designed to align the head with the back and spine.

Evening Workouts

Working out few hours before bedtime leaves the body and the brain stimulated which can keep you off sleep.  Working out in the late afternoon or early evening is highly beneficial for sound sleep. 

People with insomnia should exercise ideally before 2:00pm. It is also essential that you stick to a routine to train your body to unwind few hours before you hit the bed. However, if you are harried for time and need to work out in the evenings avoid cardio and weight training exercises.

Visual Stimulants

Other than foods that can stimulate your system, avoid taking gadgets with backlit display to bed. Cell phones, smart phones, tablets emanate strong light, which can keep you visually stimulated before you can get to sleep.  Keeping close to mobile phones exposes you to wireless signals and radiation, which can affect your sleep. Wireless signals are health hazards adversely affecting the health of a person.