“Use it or Lose it!” You might have heard this in context with physical health, but the same does apply for the mental health as well. Being mentally fit doesn’t actually require you to have a high IQ or be a puzzle champion. In fact, mental fitness is all about your balance, flexibility, resilience power, ability to enjoy life and quest for self-realization.

Adapt to these simple tips to keep from getting jittery every time:

Learn to Unwind

Feeling heavy on heart and mind! Let go off the tension by allowing yourself a mini vacation. Do what you like, to relax your senses. Sit in your favourite corner and read a book; pamper yourself with a pedicure; watch a movie; listen to music; take a walk, take-up a hobby, meditate or dance. Just give your mind a break.

Indulge In Right Diet

It’s ok to indulge in your favourite chocolate cake once in a while, but overall your diet has a direct impact on making you feel positive. So limit your intake of salt, sugar, fat, caffeine and alcohol and help yourself stay mentally fit.


Get a good 6-8 hour night sleep. Don’t simply assume your restless sleep is something you have to live with, see a doctor or go for a stress relieving massage.

Have a Laugh

Live life. Laugh a lot. Love forever. So learn to see the humorous side of the things, to make even the most challenging situations look easier. After all, why be serious and limit your ability to enjoy life.

Find a Friend

Friendships are vital for mental fitness. Work on developing and maintaining your friendships and you will love the emotional support tagged with it. Be at home, or go out shopping with a friend, it will lighten up your mood and help you think positively.