When you review some of the old and current Hindi serials, you can often point out exactly where the brains gave up, and walked out on the serial. Very rarely now do you get gems like Hip Hip Hurray, which began with a bang and ended with people still wanting more. Let’s take a look at a few serials, which lost their sizzle to incomprehensible changes in the storyline.


With a promising premise involving 4 medical interns: Juhi, Rahul, Simran and Omi, who work in Sanjeevani Hospital, this one had an amazing start. It showed heart warming relationships between the doctors and patients with a dash of humour. However, it took an ugly turn with the introduction of a love triangle, wherein the doctor angle was forgotten in the wake of the sweet-turned into-vamp Simran, and her quest to ‘acquire’ Rahul. This one really takes the cake in ‘gold-to-garbage’ category.


It began with the story of a middle class girl, who gets married to a rich brat because her kundli (horoscope) nullified some danger in his. It was interesting in the beginning watching her try to cope with her new life, and uncaring husband. However, after that, the scriptwriters went crazy! She separated from her husband, got married to someone else who died, and then she came back to her husband, got thrown out of the house, and so on and so forth. It just fazed into oblivion.

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi (KSBKBT)

When I think back at the first few episodes of KSBKBT, I can’t believe it got turned into this unbelievable story where reincarnations, adultery, plastic surgeries and multiple marriages became an everyday thing. It had begun with a nice family drama, with its sweet and sour moments, and the conflicts and the romances. However, with its constant deaths and comebacks, string of failed romances, and innumerable time leaps, it just lost its charm.

Koi Apna Sa

This was a cute story of three friends, who get married in the same house to three brothers. Each couple was different, and had their own ups and downs. It was well made and had a bit of everything – romance, drama, friendship, humour. But then struck tragedy! One husband died, the wife got wrongly jailed, and she then had a plastic surgery, and blah blah! It was highly popular when it began, but fizzled to nothing when it finally ended.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hai (BALH)

BALH seemed really interesting from the ads – a story about a couple in an arranged marriage trying to adjust to each other. But then, I forgot it was Ekta Kapoor. It started fairly interestingly, although it had its fair share of unfathomable family politics. But now, the couple is separated, the woman is pregnant but the husband thinks she’s dead, and then there’s the inevitable time leap. Why do scriptwriters hate happy couples?


Uttaran was the story of a poor girl living in the slums, who was one day spotted by a kind rich man and given support. Now it is a royal mess and you just can’t make sense of the story. Need I say more?