One of the longest lasting relationships in the world is that of a brother and a sister. Siblings are the ones who know us from the beginning to the end. Travelling through ups and downs, this relationship does stand the test of time. A brother or a sister influence each other’s life in some way or the other. Leave it or take it, siblings are forever. On the occasion of a day to commemorate the deepest feelings for your brother or sister, we have compiled wishes that you can use to express your love and affection to your sibling.

Rakshabanhan Wishes

1. Dear Brother,

Today and each morning as I wake up I thinking..
Of the beautiful, funny, remorse moments that we spent together, playing, arguing and fighting,
As we grew, we thought we knew it all,
Only to flounder and fall,
And gave each other with a helping hand,
The sibling bond that made us withstand,
Of all the things that we have learned together,
I know you are an irreplaceable brother!

2. Pyaare Chote Bhaiyya

I wish you were home this day,
Reminds me of the times when we were happy and gay
As you spend time there alone
Love between us has so much grown
Longing to see you, I shall wait,
All I can say, you are my little bro who is simply so great!

3. Dear Big Brother

Do you know that I love you with all my heart?
I cannot bear us growing apart
As a little girl, you were my hero
You taught me all boy-tricks like there is no tomorrow
Our paths changed as we moved along
However, the bond between us has remained very strong.
Big bro, I am so proud of you
Wishing you happiness and joy all your life through
And Praying that our love does not fall through

4. Pyaari Behnaa (little sis)

I have a sister who is so smart
Fights, arguments and tough times cannot keep us apart
You are as sweet as a chocolate fudge
Tolerating my bad behaviour with a nudge
You are my lovable sister and my bestest friend
I thank my stars that you are truly godsend.

5. Dear Big Sis

You’re a mentor, matron, friend, all rolled into one
We have had arguments, laughter and fun
I thank our parents to have you as my companion
Whose nurturing attitude is as strong as a stallion
Having you as my sister is a blessing
Let our love remain intact with each day passing

6. Brother & Sister

You’re my sweet sister and best friend forever
Funny, happy and sour incidents I reminisce
The days that we spend together are a true bliss
You are my partner who fills my life with laughs and smile
My respect and admiration for you is like the river Nile
Sending you wishes, prayers and loads of  & prosperity
For a sister who is such a rarity