Keep your love for your brother/sister intact even with a fast-paced life. What more than a short message to express your affection? Celebrate this Rakshabandhan with our interesting collection of Rakhi SMS that you can use to text your beloved brother or sister on the occasion. Express your love and affection to your sibling with a crisp and short message that best matches your relationship.

Brother to Sister

You have been the one who held me in my bad and good times,
Our relationship is as refreshing as the sweetlimes,
You are a joy that cannot be taken away
Our loving bond is here to stay.
Happy Rakshabandhan

Here is wishing that our bond grows stronger everyday
For your happiness and wellbeing I pray
I look forward for this day of the year
That brings us joy and cheer
Happy Rakshabandhan

You are the precious stone of my collection
Winning me with your love and affection
I promise I shall be there for you
During happy and sad times too.
Happy Rakshabandhan

Having a sister in a family is the most competitive companionship
With day, it grows into a stronger and deeper relationship
Happy Rakshabandhan, Dear Sis..

Today is the day to celebrate the bond and relationship we share
We are one of the greatest siblings that you will find nowhere
Let us spread joy and cheer in the air,
Happy Rakshabandhan

Sister to Brother

Thank you brother for all that you did for me
The gratitude that I owe you has no fee
Let our bond grow like a strong tree
Wishign you happiness and glee
Happy Rakshabandhan

Our love binds us like the invisible thread
Together in joy and sorrow we shall tread
We mean a lot to each other
Hoping to always stay together
Wishing you a joyous Raksha Bandhan

You are my bro, you are my superhero
With you my worries are absolute zero
Am ready to tackle the challenges that life will throw
Praying for your happiness and peace of mind
For a brother who has been so kind
My love for you has never been so blind
Happy Rakshabandhan

Thinking of you leaves a smile on my face
Trifling fights, giggles and the car race
My heart has grown fonder over the years
Even when life has made us to shift gears
Wishes You Life’s Biggest Joys.. Happy Rakhi

Holi and Diwali may be colorful
It is Rakshabandhan that has made our bond meaningful
Happy Rakshabandhan