How to perform Lakshmi Kubera Pooja for Deepavali?

It is customary and auspicious to pray to Lord Kubera and Goddess Mahalakshmi for prosperity throughout the year. This “Lakshmi Kubera Puja” is best done in the evening on Deepavali day.

If one can light 16 small lamps using ghee during the puja, it is auspicious.

For Mahalakshmi, archanai can be done with vilvam leaves which is very auspicious.

One can buy silver vilvam leaves, available in shops.

Alternatively, silver coins, copper coins, flowers or kumkum can also be used. Coins are best suitable while doing the archanai for Kuberan.

The picture of Kuberan with Mahalakshmi is available, which can be used. If not, a picture of Lakshmi is enough.

For naivedyam, Sarkarai Pongal or Milk with honey and a drop of ghee can be used.
Here is a simplified format of the Pooja, for one cannot spare a longer time on Deepavali day

In tamil a person is blessed thus “ Pathinaarum petru peru vazvu vaazka”. To achieve that, it is necessary to worship Shodas(h)a Mahalakshmi and Kuberan.

The 16 Lakshmis

Soundaryalakshmi – Beauty

Soubhagyalakshmi – all blessings in life

Keerthilakshmi – fame & name

Veeralakshmi – Courage

Vijayalakshmi – success

Santhanalakshmi – progeny

Medhalakshmi – brilliance

Vidyalakshmi – education

Thushtilakshmi – contentment

Pushtilakshmi – good health and courage

Jnaanalakshmi – self-knowledge

S(h)akthilakshmi – power

Shanthilakshmi – peace of mind

Samrajyalakshmi – success in profession and career

Arogyalakshmi – good health

Adi Mahalakshmi – Main core of all the other Lakshmis

Kuberan is worshipped for financial prosperity.

Checkout the shlokas for Mahalakshmi Dhyanam and Kuberan Dhyanam