Devotees observe fast the whole day and worship him at the night listening and singing songs, mantras, and legends of Krishna. Millions of Hindus across the world celebrate this special occasion with great pomp and show. The birthplace of Mathura, Vrindavan and Dwaraka comes alive with major celebrations.

People enact shows and plays that depict the wonderful life of Krishna through Raslilas or religious plays. One of the main highlights is the spiritual love between Krishna and Radha.

Krishna temples are decorated for the occasion all over the world with cradles and baby statutes of Krishna that depict the birth of Krishna. At midnight people gather to offer prayers, celebrate with devotional music and dance.


To highlight Krishnas love for butter, Dahi Handi takes place on the second day of the festival. It is a major feature of the celebrations where claypots containing butter, curd and money is hung from high buildings. Young people compete to reach and break open the pots.

At homes, people decorate the pictures of Krishna and place swings/cradles with idols of Krishna or Radha & Krishna. People fast until the midnight and offer various sweets and savories, including butter to Krishna. The bathe the Lord with milk and honey, dress him up in beautiful clothes and sing bhajans in the name of the God. They perform Aarti and wind up the celebrations.