Every individual craves for success that can bring pleasure as well treasure to their doorstep. Success, as we know, can be achieved only through hard work. But according to few ancient myths and beliefs, several Fengshui figurines are believed to bring loads of fortune and fruition to an individual.

Fengshui is actually an ancient Chinese system of astronomy, which makes the use of several mystical idols that can destroy the negative spirits generating bad energy (Sha Chi), and improve positive energy. Believing that miraculous changes could happen in their lives by the use of these idols, people often acquire these figurines in search of the elusive success.

Let us now take a quick look at few Fengshui figurines believed to make an individual prosperous.

Figurines for Wealth and Prosperity

According to ancient Chinese system of geomancy, several symbols of deities, animal statues and even fruits when placed according to the directions like south, north and south east, in a house, or even in the business area, are known to bring success, wealth and prosperity to the individual.

Here is the information about few Fengshui symbols for fortune.

  • Chinese God of Wealth: Tsai Shen Yeh, often found wearing a dragon robe and riding on a tiger is believed to bring loads of wealth, luck and also have a strong power of protection. 
  • Kwan Kung: He is regarded as the Chinese god of Business. He is a famous general in Chinese history and is found holding a spear. Placing this figurine in the North West corner of your house is believed to brig wealth and success to your doorstep.
  • Laughing Buddha: It is regarded as a masterpiece and is a most common Fengshui figurine depicted by holding a sac of treasure and spreading the wave of joy across. 
  • Fengshui Coins: Using a red coloured thread to hang Fengshui coins that are generally made up of bronze is believed to be one of the most attractive ways to invite fortune to your life.
  • Pi Yao: Pi Yao is an extremely powerful deity known to pacify Tai Sui, the Jupiter. Figurines of Pi Yao can bring wealth and luck by abolishing bad energy, the Sha chi.  
  • Fuk, Luk, and Sau: These three wise men are high officials of gods that bestowed long life, prosperity and happiness. These three lucky immortals are believed to be the most important symbols of wealth, health, authority, power and success.‘Fuk’ symbolizes happiness and relationships, ‘Luk’ carries Ru Yi, the gold ingot symbolizing authority and wealth and ‘Sau’ carries Wu Lou (gourd) and the Peach fruit, which symbolizes health and longevity.  
  • Qi Lin: It is one of the most powerful symbols in the Chinese astronomy and is believed to cast aside the Sha chi (bad energy). It is regarded as a Chinese Unicorn. This is a creature with head of the dragon, body of a horse and car like scales and is believed to bring wealth and protect the individual.

Lot more specific symbols like the dragon, a Chinese warrior riding on a horse back, elephant family, pig, pomegranate, horse, crystal globes, dragon treasure ships etc are also known as true symbols of Fengshui for success and wealth.

Therefore along with your hard work, simply get the right idol, and position it properly for all the positive energy that can drive you in the path of success and make you wealthy.